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Donate Securities

Thank you for considering New Life Community Kamloops for the donation of your Securities. We appreciate it! We have provided the key steps for donating your security and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate in contacting us.

When you sell your shares for cash, you’re responsible for the tax due on the gain, even if you plan to donate the proceeds from the sale. If you pay the tax out of those proceeds, there’s less money left to donate. Your charity receives a smaller donation and you have a smaller donation to claim for your charitable tax credit at the end of the year. But when you donate the shares directly, you owe no capital gains tax and you’re able to donate the full value. So your charity gets a larger donation and you get a tax receipt which reflects your larger contribution.

Please follow the steps below and fill out the form to start the process of donating your securities.

Step 1

Please complete all sections of the securities donation form.

For privacy reasons, your broker cannot disclose your name to us, so we ask you complete the Donor Information section of this form to advise us of your plan to make a donation of securities.

Your advisor/broker will provide us with your CUISP number which serves as a transaction number in order to track your transfer.

Step 2

Fax, deliver, or mail a copy of your completed donations form to the New Life Community Kamloops:

Telephone: 250-372-9898
Fax: 250-372-1373

This part is important because securities are transferred into the New Life Community Kamloops’ investment account anonymously, without your name listed. Notifying New Life Community Kamloops will help ensure that you receive your official receipt for income tax purposes and to make the New Life Community Kamloops aware of your intention to donate securities.

Step 3

Fax, deliver, or mail a copy of your completed donations form to:
Your broker / investment advisor who is responsible for initiating the actual transfer of securities.

Securities are considered legally transferred only when New Life Community Kamloops’ custodial agent confirms delivery.

Your charitable tax receipt will be valued on the price on the close of the day when the securities are legally transferred to:

New Life Community Kamloops’ custodial agent:
Allan Schock, CFP, RRC
Investment Advisor, CIBC Wood Gundy, Kamloops
275 Lansdowne Street, Suite 400
Kamloops, BC, V2C 1X8

Donate Securities